Johan Christensson


I was born in Luleå, in the northern part of Sweden. Already as very young I got interested in “classical” music, and soon J.S. Bach became my idol and landmark. Piano and organ lessons led to a Swedish lower degree of organist. During these studies I decided to develop my singing.


I got my first singing education by Lawrence Johnson at the Edholmerinstitute in Växjö, and continued by Kerstin Wahlström-Olsson at the Royal Academy College of Music in Stockholm. After my examination, Christer Sollén has been a very important teacher.


Since my graduation I established myself as one of Scandinavia’s leading tenors in the field of concert and oratorio. I have had the privilege of working with many of the most prominent conductors on stages in Sweden and all around the world. Baroque music is a special interest, and I have dedicated myself especially to the study and interpretation of the Evangelist parts in the Passions by J.S. Bach.


My carrier as opera singer gets more and more extent and have lead to engagements on stages in Sweden like Drottningholm coart theater, Gothenburg opera, Norrlandsoperan and not least Piteå Chamber opera, where I performed in many exiting contemporary operas. In Europe i worked at opera houses like Théatre du Capitol in Toulouse where I sang French barock opera, Opéra National de Paris and also Saarländisches Staatstheater in Germany. On stage, I’m acclaimed for having temperament and charisma, something I founded when working with opera for children in the 90’ies. Text, expression and interpretation are something I work with in my teaching activities.